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日本語 (にほんご/にっぽんご)

Regression of the Close Combat Mage

"My biggest regret is not choosing that magic… this time I’ll definitely defeat you!!” The human race is on the verge of destruction at the hands of Vidrak, the evil god who suddenly descended. Setsuna Cromwell, the strongest long-range mage, is defeated by the evil god, who can dispel all magical attacks. However, when he wakes up he finds himself 10 years in the past, he’s regressed to the "Rite of Mastery" at the Academy of Magic! While the students choose the magic system best suited to them, such as , , and , Setsuna chooses , which was considered the least popular magic of the time, and chosen by those of lower ranks who lacked magical power. “This is the only magic that can stand up to the evil god!” Setsuna chooses this style of melee magic, which is considered lacking in every way, but utilizes his specialty “precise control of magic power," to dramatically improve his skills and overturn the world's common sense!